Zyrtec Side Effects, Important Information, Before Taking & How to Take

Zyrtec is the brand name for Cetirizine. Cetirizine is an antihistamine that works to minimize the effects of histamine in the body. Histamine is responsible for producing the symptoms of an allergic reaction including sneezing, itching, flu, and watery eyes.


Zyrtec can also cure medical conditions like cold and allergic reactions in the body due to environmental factors or exposure to substances like pollen and dust.


Side Effects Of Taking Zyrtec

Like all other medicines, there are certain side effects of taking Zyrtec too. Not all need medical assistance. However, they are categorized as minor and major side effects.

Major Side Effects

Some side effects that can occur when you take Naproxen may need medical attention. Your body requires time to adjust to the new medication, so if you experience any of the following side effects and they bother you or if you have any questions about them, make an appointment with your healthcare professional:

  • Experience problems with vision
  • Face problems in passing urine
  • A feeling of severe restlessness
  • You are always confused
  • You experience fast, or irregular heartbeat
  • You face sleep problems
  • You suffer from weakness

Minor Side Effects

These side effects are short-term and do not need consultancy from a medical assistant. However, if they persist for long, it is then time to let your doctor know about them. These include the following:

  • Dizziness is reported
  • Dryness of the mouth
  • Experience hives
  • Face difficulty in breathing
  • Feeling of being tired all the time
  • Get a sore throat often
  • Get a swelling of some part of your face or lips
  • Suffer from frequent headaches
  • Suffer from nausea


How Does It Work?

When your body is exposed to substances that can cause allergy, histamine is discharged by the cells present in your nose and eyes. This causes irritation in the nose and eyes that results in flu and watery discharge from the eyes.


How To Take Zyrtec?

It is advised to read the leaflet provided in the packet, so you know how to use Zyrtec. You can take it both with food or without it. There are three forms of Zyrtec. The chewable tablets must be chewed before it is swallowed. The dissolving tablet must be first allowed to be dissolved in your mouth. Sometimes, you might need water to gulp down the tablet. The liquid form of Zyrtec should be measured with a spoon before taking it.

Do not increase or decrease the dose or stop taking Zyrtec without consulting your doctor.



It is better to discuss the treatment process with your doctor to make sure that Zyrtec is the best choice for you. Also, tell your doctor of the other medicines that you take or herbal treatments you are going through to know of the possible interactions that could occur while taking Zyrtec.

Inform your doctor before taking Zyrtec if:

  • You are pregnant, or planning a baby
  • You are breastfeeding
  • You have or had any kidney problems
  • You suffer from porphyria, which is a very rare blood disorder.
  • You have or had an allergic reaction to some other antihistamine, or to any other medicine used before.