Zanaflex Side Effects, Important Information, Before Taking & More

Zanaflex (tizanidine) is a prescribed medicinal drug that is used for treating spasticity, a medical ailment in which muscles tense up, cramp or experience muscle spasms usually resulting because of medical conditions such as an injured spine or multiple sclerosis. Zanaflex is usually available under the generic brand name tizanidine. It works by blocking nerve impulses, so the brain can’t sense pain being signaled from the muscles. Tizanidine is found in 2mg white circular oral tablets, 2mg blue, and 4mg white, and blue colored oral capsules.


It is essential to follow your doctor’s orders while taking Zanaflex; consumption of a tablet and the capsule will have different effects on the body, one might be more effective than the other. Make sure that the way you take your medicine is constant, e.g., if you’re taking Zanaflex with a meal or you sprinkle a capsule on your food or take it without food, then always take it that way otherwise the efficiency of the drug can decrease, or the side effects can increase. Leave a gap of 6-8 hours before taking the next dose; the maximum recommended amount in 24-hours is only 3 doses. Do not exceed that.

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